w@dllm.ca is a Canadian Photographer / Digital Artist with focus on photography.

Influences include:

Henri Cartier-Bresson – when first learning about photography/art in school, you’re only exposed to the big names. I don’t do much portraits, but I do like capturing history as it unfolds and so Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photos spoke more to me than the landscapes of Ansel Adams. The idea of the brevity of the moment is really interesting along with getting things right in the camera to begin with.

Fred Herzog – I saw an exhibit at the Glenbow Museum and I was just staring at the Meatateria photo. It has the iconic Cascade Mountain from Banff in the background, but the human landscape was completely foreign. This helped me decide that I really wanted to capture things that were forever changing as they exist in this moment. The Meatateria photo grabbed me, because I was there at that location and have personal connections there. I like history that means something to people. If someone finds a connection to my photos someday… that’s what I’d like to strive for.

Thomas Gushul – I came across his name while doing my tour of Alberta historic places. My guide at the Leitch Collieries was knowledgeable enough to know the name of the photographer who took so many wonderful photos and gave me a glimpse into life in the Crowsnest Pass area ~100 years ago. There was so much detail and variety in his photographs. He documented the people and their daily lives in this area during the coal mining heydays. I hope to someday amass a small collection (by comparison) of what I saw during my time here.

I’ve put together a small collection of photographs from my first 10 years (2005-2014) of digital photography for my own enjoyment at:


Don’t worry, no need to buy anything. The entire photobook can be viewed in the preview. Blurb had done a pretty good job with their online PDF viewer. You can also view the PDF here.

Work has begun on the follow up collection from the next 10 years of digital photography and is slated for completion Q4 2024.