Bruce Ree Dessert Chocolate Smear

This is basically what comes to mind whenever I see fancy restaurants do a chocolate smear for their desserts. Their attempt a

Poo on a Stick Asian Street Food Vendor

During a trip to visit Hong Kong, I encountered the best looking street food. I knew I had to have it when I first laid eyes o

Beware of Poo Warning Sign

One day a co-worker plugged the toilet at the office, but had to run to a meeting and didn’t have time to deal with the

Chinese Calligraphy Character for Poo

This is one of the accepted Chinese characters for poo. It’s hilarious to see people with random Asian characters tattoo

Coffee Poo Latte Art

I’ve been trying to learn how to make coffee, starting with a moka pot and a simple stick milk frother. I’m having

Purk’s Poo Poos Recipe

What is Purk’s Poo Poos?!! I saw this recipe in a cook book and just had to try it out. Not a bad poo poo at all! w@dllm

Soapstone Carving of Poo

I whittled this soapstone carving of a poo during my first time “camping”. It was quite the learning experience, b

COVID-19 Toilet Paper Shortage

A definite sign of the times that we lived in. One of the most memorable things about the whole COVID-19 pandemic was the pani

Delicious Energy Bar

When it comes to food, sometimes it’s all in the presentation. This is actually a Larabar. Buy this NFT on Ope