Esther Alberta Grain Elevator

Embarked on a rather epic road trip this weekend that took us to see 19 grain elevators in 2 days along with the world’s

Hui Signet Ring

This is a modern day interpretation of the signet ring. I dabbled in jewelry making way back in high school and had made my fi

Tipped Over Wooden Outhouse

This represents Alberta’s economy during the COVID years very well. Buy this NFT on OpenSea

How a Bidet Works

I was washing off chocolate cake batter once and thought to myself: Is this how a bidet works? Doesn’t seem very effecti

Banff Mount Rundle Poo

Mount Rundle provides a stunning back drop to the picturesque townsite of Banff Alberta and is instantly recognizable. w@dllm.

Kira Yamato – Dog Poo Mid-Log

Chronicles of the last day of Kira Yamato, a very good boy. Buy this NFT on OpenSea

Horse Poo Trail to Lake Louise

Chateau Lake Louise on the shores of the turquoise glacier fed lake in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. Buy th

The Time Amanda Stepped in Shit

Once upon a time, Amanda stepped in shit. Her epic tale can be read here:

Calgary Stampede Parade Street Sweeper Poo

I had always liked the horse poo that gets laid down during the Calgary Stampede Parade. There is something so satisfying abou

Bruce Ree Hayabusa

Bruce Ree took a great road trip around the International Selkirk Loop on his Hayabusa. This is on the Kootenay Lake Ferry whi

Princes of Wales Hotel Waterton Canada

I’ve only ever stayed here once and the entire night, all I heard was woooooooooo, like a haunted house. It was wonderfu

Bruce Ree VS Crab Kaiju

Bruce Ree was victorious against a Crab Kaiju at the Pacific Rim National Park South of Tofino. The people of Vancouver Island

Bruce Ree Sweet and Sour Pork

Bruce Ree loves sweet and sour pork even though it is a traditional Chinese dish, there really aren’t much other dishes

Poo Piggy Bank

Trying to pin point when I was first introduced to the modern day representation of the poo emoji, I’d say it was the Dr

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel Canada

My favourite time of year to visit Lake Louise is in January during the Ice Magic Festival. There is something magical about h

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Hotel Canada

Jasper is where I’d go if I wanted to be in the mountains, but didn’t want to deal with the crowds in Banff. I usu

Gold Poo in a Jar – Kin No Unko

This gold poo in a jar was a gift from my little cousin years ago. She included a note saying that in Japan, golden poo is a s

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Canada

I had heard about a Paul C├ęzanne exhibit happening at the Vancouver Art Gallery which is right by the Fairmont Hotel Vancouve