2 Stage Paper Towel Shaft Adapter

Years ago we had installed automated paper towel dispensers at the office and somewhere along the way our original supplier of the paper towel refills stopped selling to smaller outfits. My choices were to either replace the dispensers or find another source of paper towel refills. Replacement refills were ordered, the width seemed to suit the dispensers, but when we tried to install the refills, it became clear that it wasn’t quite as simple as matching the width.

3D Printed Paper Towel Shaft Adapter

Thinking about the problem at hand, I came up with a solution to custom design two adapters, one on each end to make the replacement paper towel refills fit. Once I got a functional prototype, I had another set 3D printed for each of the washrooms. Every time I use the washroom now, I think about how my life was enriched by 3D printing.


2 Stage Paper Towel Shaft Adapter

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