Hui Signet Ring

This is a modern day interpretation of the signet ring. I dabbled in jewelry making way back in high school and had made my first rings out of copper and sterling silver blanks. The design that stuck with me the most was a Hercules Ring from an old cartoon: The Mighty Hercules with an unconnected tapered band. I had wanted the front to be quite a statement piece, but still allow good dexterity. I also knew that I would not be staying at that weight forever and this design allowed for easy resizing.

3D Printed Hui Signet Ring in .925 Sterling Silver

I had wanted to create a piece that was undeniably “me” and one that could be identified and traced back to me. After some reading/research, I settled on the idea of a signet ring. Not only is it jewelry, it also served a practical purpose. I had this 3D printed in .925 sterling silver and actually do keep sealing wax at my desk should the need arise.

Hui Signet Ring

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