Dunmore Alberta Grain Elevator

What a sight Dunmore is. The grain elevator still looks to be in use and there’s even trains running behind it still! Our main objective this Sunday was to visit Medicine Hat and I took the scenic route to see a few grain elevators along the way. Dunmore is just to the East of Medicine Hat and there’s a Dunmore Road in Medicine Hat, so fairly close. The missus spent a good memorable part of her childhood being around Medicine Hat. Her mother’s side of the family ran a Chinese Western restaurant (where our love of smorgs come from) and a general store right on North Railway Street just across from the CPR train station. Much had changed since the late 80’s/early 90’s and neither the restaurant nor general store exist anymore. The building is still there and familiar, but nothing is the same. It’s always interesting hearing about how she used to help out at the restaurant, hop on over to her grandpa’s general store to grab some candies and sit along the benches at the train station waiting for trains to come by. We spent a good chunk of time in Medicine Hat and headed home after supper at the Medicine Hat Lodge. We’ll be back again someday to see the famous Medalta Potteries.


Dunmore Alberta Grain Elevator

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