Bruce Ree Jigsaw Puzzle

The last few weeks had been quite a season of change for Bruce Ree. After a 20 year hiatus from jigsaw puzzling, he did a 1000 piece puzzle live on a twitch stream from first to last piece taking 10 hours to complete. It was a cheap $5 box I picked up at Winners, just to see if I still liked jigsaw puzzles. During this past year, I’ve been going through a list of things that I’d like to do / try and a 1000 piece puzzle was on it since I recall having fond memories of peace and calm while doing them as an angry teenager.

It was so enjoyable and such a high that I decided to do another 1000 piece puzzle stream with the intention of trying a new technique of leaving pieces in the box rather than spreading it all over the table. I came into possession of this particular red barn jigsaw puzzle by virtue of defeating another puzzler in an arcade game. It was a prize put up by yet another puzzler who had an excess inventory of previously completed puzzles. Little did I know, this was a particularly difficult puzzle compared to the one I did a few weeks prior. I was expecting to be well under 10 hours thanks to a new technique that I was trying out. What makes this far more complicated to solve was the large amount of foliage that covers the image and the soft focus as well. A large amount of pieces just looked like camouflage with bright and dark shades of red and yellow. I had to resort to a brute force tactic (literally trying every piece left) at times to get moving again. It was during this puzzle stream that I met GMA a twitch streamer @ijustlovepuzzles and her incredible fam / community. They cheered me on as I was fading during this 33 hour live stream. This was literally the stream that made me twitch affiliate, I’ll always remember this incredible moment. Thanks GMA and fam!!

Bruce Ree Jigsaw Puzzle

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